New York City - pkphoto
911 41 river terrace 42nd st 68th 8th ave abstract american architecture archshow art astronomy barges battery park big iron black and white bloomberg building blue bokeh bridges brooklyn brooklyn bridge bryant park cabs cardillo carousel cathedrals ceilings central park central synagogue chandeliers churches cities city lights clock constellations construction cranes crow curved lines curves dilapidated downtown droplets east river eighth ave empire state building empty sky memorial etsyadd etsydeleted etsyposted etsytopost fences ferries fisheye flag flag usa flags and symbols freedom tower funshow glass glass art grand central station greek mythology historyshow homepgslides hudson river igposted igtopost interior lamps laowa 15mm leaves liberty state park lower manhattan machines machineshow macys madison manhattan manhattan bridge metal mia midtown midtown manhattan moon mta naturallife new years new york city new york harbor new york skyline new york state night ny public library nyc nyc post office nycshow oculus one wtc pathways patriotic patriotshow pink public library puddles purple rain recent red repeating rivers and streams rokinon 14mm roofs rust sailboats saint patricks cathedral seaglass seasons shutterstockadd sigma 15mm signs sky skyline skyscraper skyscrapers slideshow smoke smugshow soho spring steam street lights street scene street sign sunset tall ships train transhow transportation trees tugs umbrella united states usa vintage watermark2019 watersky wide angle winter woolworth building world trade center
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